2019 WinterFaire Market Vendors

These fantastic vendors offer incredible handmade items–many Waldorf-inspired–and other wonderful gifts.  Many of these vendors ONLY sell their items at WinterFaire each year.  This is truly a unique and beautiful craft fair–a fantastic place to find extraordinary gifts from a wide range of artists and vendors right here in the Rogue Valley!

Carrie Redfern: Natural and botanically dyed beeswax candles, health and beauty herbal products, mixed metal gemstone jewelry.

Anouschka Andresen & Aaron Smith: Kids toys, ornaments, silks and yarns, caramels, stilts

Rosa Rodriguez: Leather belts, wallets and journals; hats; kids clothing, mugs, cups, and paintings

Vanessa Hajje: Dolls, art prints and cards.

Ruth Rhiannon Designs: Feather earrings and other wearable art

Kendra Ortner: Handmade wool fingerless mitts,upcycled cashmere stuffies (otters and foxes and kitties, oh my!), ornaments and ceramics.

Pink Culver: Handmade jewelry and accessories made from hemp, waxed cotton cord, beads, gemstones, felt, and fabric.

Deborah Scholom: Home grown rainbow bismuth crystals, dichroic fused glass jewelry with unique etchings.

Nancy Rush-Yates: Small to large natural Waldorf toys and dolls.

Scott Blair: A wide and dazzling variety of crystals, minerals, and fossils. Plus artisan onyx bowls and glasses.

Alisa Ocean: Wool and other fabric creature ears. Wooden rustic doll treehouses.

Carel Shonerd: Hand blown glass beads, pendants, glasses, ornaments, charms and sculptures.

Heidi Carlson: Handcrafted/upcylced clothing for men and women; skirts, dresses, sweatshirts, wool vests, wool sweaters, gloves, scarves, and hats.

Tracy Treiger from Orange Lily Designs: Handmade children’s clothing using 100% organic or all natural fibers. sizes 0-3t

Amy Goddard from Folkworks: Handmade puppets, gnomes, fairies, and elves, simple toys,naturally dyed scarves, screen prints, wreaths

Leora Nesson from Leora’s Chocolotes: Cacao elixirs, shell tea, organic raw chocolate bars, chocolate holiday lollipops, chocolate turtles, boxes of chocolates.

Monika O. MacDougall: Handmade 100% lambswool accessories, toys, slippers, kips supplies, scarves, handwarmers, candy cane decorations, toys.

Katie Harris: Reusable glass drinking straws, handmade artistic designs with handmade bags for single or family pack of straws. Acrylic paintings and stickers.

Shivaani Rose Strand: Baby quilts, felt crowns, kids aprons, organic cotton kids t-shirts, felt hair clips.

Leyna d’Ancona: woolfelt arts. Wool felt woodland animals, needle woolfelt starter kits: barn mouse, postcards of woodland animals and doll folk in nature, miniature wares, tiny tea cups, mini milk bottles. Autumn gift baskets.

Denai Fuller: Eco-massage candles.

Ruth Cowan: Spiral hats and Mukluks.

Corbin Brashear: Whimsical mixed media needle felted sculptures and tapestries, upcycled clothing for kids and adults

Justen Bear: Custom wooden bows and arrows, handcrafted frame drums

8th Grade Entrepreneurs: Gift items created by the 8th graders. Please stop by to see their handmade creations!

Siskiyou School Table: Waldorf items and school supplies, Siskiyou School logo items and so muchmore!

Note: All items in this program are subject to change at any time.