Seventh Grade Overview

Looking outward while feeling inward, the 7th grader is expressive and forceful, challenging authority and exploring limits. With a torch in hand, they seek to assert their independence and find their place, while remembering to provide light for those behind them. The Renaissance—examining truth and beauty via scientists, religious reformers and artists—permeates the entire curriculum.


7th Grade Curriculum at a Glance


History: “1491” & The Age of Exploration, Artists of the Renaissance,

The Scientific Revolution, The Protestant Reformation

Science: Simple Machines, Inorganic Chemistry, Physiology I

Geography: Africa, South America, Europe

Drama: Class Play


7th Grade Curriculum in Detail

LANGUAGE ARTS (4 classes per week) – Kelly Tisdel, Robert Dilansa, Ghigs Razi

Literature- Kelly Tisdel

  • Reading and discussion of novels and short stories with accompanying writing responses and comprehension work

  • Writing & Grammar – Robert Dilansa

  • Paragraph writing, essay writing, creative writing, descriptive and narrative writings, letter writing; sequential English Project Lessons on grammar and spelling, including proofreading and editing skills

  • Vocabulary – Kelly Tisdel

  • Vocabulary units in Sadlier-Oxford series as well as lists generated in main lesson; Support of main lesson North American geography block with study on

  • Writing Conventions & Study Skills – Kelly Tisdel & Robert Dilansa

  • Writing conventions oversight, note-taking, research, homework accountability

Current Events Ghigs Razi & Kelly Tisdel

  • Weekly current events class; using Junior Scholastic and other news articles to read for information; sort opinion from fact; understand differing points of view; learn to identify bias; developing basic understanding of civics concepts, practicing debating issues

MATH (Pre-Algebra)Jenny James & Dustin Monda

  • Competency with 4 processes, fractions, decimals, and percentages

  • Various problem-solving techniques with the four operations and integers

  • Coordinate plane usage

  • Interpreting graphs and using them to make predictions and identify rules for equations

  • Substitution of variables and solving equations and systems of equations

  • Setting up and solving proportions

SPANISH Jenna Zapata

  • Full-year Spanish curriculum; builds on 1st-6th foundation

  • Continued development of vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, writing & reading skills

  • Dialogue exercises help develop confidence and ease with speaking

  • South American geography taught during Spanish class in support of main lesson curriculum

  • Verb work: ser vs estar, boot verbs, radical stem changing, regular indictative verbs

  • Work with complex sentence formation and integrative questions

MUSIC- Melissa Archer; Adam Richardson for African drumming

  • Middle School Choir

  • Blocks: African music & drumming; Mozart & Beethoven; ukulele & guitar

  • Recorder ensemble playing; soprano, alto, and tenor recorder

GAMES/PE- Margie Glatte & Gregory Beech

  • Team sports: soccer, touch football, volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, softball

  • Fitness & the One-Mile Run

  • Ballroom Dancing

  • Yoga

  • Cooperative games and activities

  • Sportsmanship

HANDWORKCynthia Bower

  • Doll-making

WOODWORKMichael McGlone

  • Introduction to working with hardwoods

  • Introduction to power sander and power sharpener

  • Project: Chiseling a hardwood spoon

ART BLOCKSKelly Tisdel & TBD

  • Masterpieces of the Renaissance

  • Perspective Drawing


GEOMETRIC DRAWING IIDustin Monda (4-6 periods)

  • Logarithmic spiral, Spiral of Archimedes, Cycle of Circles, Golden Mean/Ratio/Proportion

WELLNESS II & TRUST CIRCLES Guest Presenters/Facilitators (4-6 hour-long sessions)

  • Presentations & facilitated conversations on Healthy Relationships, Media Literacy, Sexuality, Healthy Choices & Communication

COMPUTER II Katie LaCroix (2-4 periods)

  • Computer care review and typing check in

  • Google Docs basics: copying, pasting, formatting; using spellcheck and grammar tools; saving, naming, sharing, editing, and finding files

  • Google Slides: create a basic presentation

COMMUNITY SERVICE—Class undertakes 3-5 projects for the school & community (8-10 hrs)

MIDDLE SCHOOL FRIDAYSSiskiyou School faculty or Visiting Teachers (January – May)

  • 7th graders pursue an elective over 4-5 Friday classes, 90 minutes each

  • 3-4 blocks of electives offered during the semester; elective options vary per block


  • 5-day Fall Orientation Trip rafting on the Lower Klamath

  • Getting the official Oregon Shakespeare festival tour and attending a 1-2 plays

  • Helping host the Medieval Games & the 8th grade graduation reception

  • Beginning personal fundraising for 8th grade trip