2019-2020 Board Members


The Board of Directors

Overseeing the Siskiyou School is the Board of Directors. The Board consists of between 6-9 members at any given time. The Board’s main responsibility is to make sure the school is financially sound and that legal affairs are in order. As part of its financial oversight, the Board monitors expenses and adopts the annual operating and capital budgets. In partnership with the Administration and faculty, the Board also helps define the school’s mission and vision, set long-term goals related to capital improvements and represent the school to the community.

The Board of Directors is comprised of people of diverse backgrounds, most often current and/or alumni parents. They share a dedication to the school, a willingness to serve, an ability to work as a team and a quality of thoughtfulness. Ideally they bring expertise in financial and legal matters and experience with big-picture holding. Board meetings are held once a month. The Administrator, the Business Manager, the Director of Development and a faculty representative attend these meetings.

Every winter, the Board hosts a community meeting, History and Vision Night. Board members present a picture of the school’s finances and long-term goals and field parent questions. Alumni, faculty, and parents share stories of their experience of the school. Board, faculty, parents and alumni also have time to socialize. The evening serves as an invitation to parents to participate in holding the big picture of the school.

Each fall, the Board holds a day-long retreat to review the five-year plan and set goals for the year. The full faculty joins for part of the day. The Board’s most active committee is the Finance Committee; it meets at least once between each of the Board meetings.



Matthew Beers



Sean Culver


board member

Mara Doane


board member

Ahan Newman


Vice President

Jennifer Gibbs



Keith King


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Ryan Lehmann


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Lebeau Potgieter