Saturday, November 23, 2019

10am – 4pm

At The Siskiyou School (631 Clay Street)


The Siskiyou School’s Annual WinterFaire holiday event has been a tradition in the Rogue Valley for over 30 years! At this family-friendly, old-fashioned event, you and your children may dip your own beeswax candle, choose a treat in the Crystal Cookie Room, pick a treasure from the Pocket Person, visit the magical throne room of the Fairy Queen, and more! Many other enchantments, crafts, and activities, along with delicious food and more than 25 gift vendors, will be awaiting YOUR family! WinterFaire is the biggest community event of the school year. It draws not only alumni and old friends, but hundreds of people from all over the valley who don’t necessarily have any affiliation with Waldorf education.

What To Do At WinterFaire:


WinterFaire Market & Silent Auction

Activities for Children & Families

Tickets are $1 each and available at ticket tables in the front and back of the school.

Fairy Queen: Visit the Fairy Queen in her throne room!  So magical for the young ones!

Marionette Show: This Marionette Show will run approximately 20 minutes and is appropriate for ages 5 years and up.  No late entry.   Children absolutely love these shows!  It is wonderful to see the enchantment in their eyes as the beautiful story unfolds. Show Times:  TBD

Beeswax Candle Dipping: Make your very own beeswax candle!  Children never stop marveling at the creation of their very own candle.  Both the beeswax and wicks are lead-free.  The beeswax is a beautiful golden yellow this year!

Candleholder Making: Make a candle holder out of a freshly sawed off round of wood and some decor to hold your beautiful new beeswax candle!

Wooden Toolboxes – $25 per box
Pre-cut wooden pieces are assembled by your child into a functional, beautiful wooden toolbox with a natural wood handle.  Each toolbox comes with a Siskiyou School sticker for the side!  You may purchase your tickets in advance for this keepsake, wooden craft. 

Crystal Cookie Room: Walk into the magical winter wonderland and choose a simple cookie from the crystal landscape!  The cookies are free from nuts, corn syrup, and artificial colors and flavors.  Many cookies are gluten-free, as well.

Jump Rope Making: What can be more fun than making your very own, excellent quality jump rope from colors of your choosing!?

The Gingerbread House: In this sweet room, young shoppers can choose a lovely gift from a small selection of items (constantly restocked) as a holiday gift and even have it wrapped!  The intention of this room is to give children an opportunity to “buy” gifts for family or friends.

Sleeping Giant: Children can brave a run in with the Sleeping Giant to grab a golden egg or an amulet from his “bedroom.”  This hilarious event is as much fun to watch as to participate in!

Go Fish: Get a fishing rod and catch a fish!  Each magical fish has a prize for you inside!

Pocket Person: Choose a special item from one of the many pockets on the stunning cape of the Pocket Person!

Peanut Butter Bird Feeders: Make your own peanut butter bird feeder.  This is always fun for the little ones, especially!

Wreath Making: Make your own wreath from fresh greens and adornments!  Add a bow, and, voila, a festive item for the whole season!

Face Painting: Our face painting artists are truly exceptional!  This is always a favorite!

Henna: Embody the fair with a henna tattoo!  Non-toxic and not permanent.

Dragon Bread: Roast some bread on a stick over the fire for a tasty and toasty treat!

Peppermint Lemons: A fun way to enjoy a tasty sip of lemon and peppermint combined!

Dragon Catapult: Can you get an egg into the dragon nest with our mini dragon catapult?

Football Toss: Take a break from the festivities and throw a football!

Siskiyou School Curriculum Table: Learn more about The Siskiyou School directly from teachers and see some of the truly amazing main lesson books from students.


Mix Café- That’s right! Mix Bakeshop (from the plaza in Ashland) is here with goodies and lunch fare!

Katrina’s Tamales- A favorite at the Ashland Grower’s Market, Katrina offers delicious tamales made with GMO-free masa.

Peruvian Point- Enjoy delicious Peruvian food from one of the Rogue Valley’s newest food trucks!  What’s not to like about french fries with steak? 

Daddy Ramen- A warm bowl of  Ramen to satisfy your tastebuds. This family run food truck is guaranteed to keep you warm on these cold days.

Live Music- Coming soon


Please contact Lora Wilde (541) 613-1146

All events are subject to change without notice.