Ohana: Educational Support Program 


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The Siskiyou School has always placed great value in meeting the individual needs of our students.  From the school’s inception, we have provided breakout groups for children who struggle with math, small reading groups for the younger children, and assistants in grades 1-3.   

In 2013, Nina Gallwey officially started a comprehensive program, called Ohana, to serve the children in grades 1-5.  The program offers students who need sensory integration and a “brick by brick” approach to reading and writing the tools needed to gain foundational skills in order to succeed in the regular classroom setting.  The Ohana Program values the different learning styles of each student and helps create a bridge between the child, parents, and teacher so that the child with learning differences can feel honored and met.  Between 40-45 children are served each year. 

There are no words to express our gratitude for all M has gained through Ohana.  She walks with pride and confidence in who she is and has tools to manage her focus and anxiety.  She is keeping up with the class and happy to be at school.  We are forever grateful! 

-Parent of Ohana Graduate