Ohana Village Reading Program

The Village Reading Program was created by Nina Gallwey to meet the needs of many children who use different gateways for learning and retaining language arts skills.   Many struggling learners are extremely gifted, but they require a curriculum that accesses their unique neurological wiring.  Village Reading was developed over many years of Nina’s work with children who were challenged by learning to read in the traditional way.  The basis of the program is using emotional hooks, imagination, color coding and systematic building blocks to unlock reading for bright, gifted children with learning differences. 

 The Siskiyou School decided that the Village Reading Program was good for all the students and implemented the lessons into the classroom in 2016.  In the three years the school has used the program, there has been a steep increase in reading and spelling proficiency.  

It has also allowed the Ohana children to have the common language of The Reading Village used in both environments (classroom and Ohana).  As of June, 2019 , eight  of the 4th Grade Ohana students are reading at or above grade level, and only one child is reading below grade level. These children started Reading Village in 2nd Grade and attended Ohana for three years.