What is the Parent Pillar?

The mission of the Parent Pillar is to nurture, support and help develop a sense of community among the families of the school through social activities, information sharing and help with fundraising. Simply by participating in the opportunities offered, every parent can add to the social life of the school and strengthen our web of connection.

Each class has at least two Parent Pillar Representatives. A Parent Pillar Rep shares information about school happenings with other parents in the class, coordinates at least one social event for the class and attends monthly gatherings to get to know the other Parent Pillar Reps.

2019-2020 Parent Pillar Reps

Class 1- Sarah Collins & Kate Larsen

Class 2- Marisela Mendoza, Katja Toal & Nicole Wasgatt

Class 3- Jamie Kaufman & Tammy Fields

Class 4- Bridgett Mayeux & Laura Pinney

Class 5- Kate Levin, Margaret Machala & Davis Wilkins

Class 6- Shannon Clery & Sam Smith

Class 7- Amelia Beuche & Kelle Lovett

Class 8- Ellie Holty & Tammy Vaneyke