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Our Giving Culture

Without philanthropy our school wouldn't exist. As a non-profit organization The Siskiyou School relies on fundraising to meet our annual budgetary goals as well as raising money for capital campaigns. It’s the giving culture that started our school and we ask everybody to contribute to pay it forward as the visionary founders of the school did.

Annual Giving Campaign

Each fall, the school year’s annual giving campaign is launched. Every family receives a letter/packet, describing the year’s goals and needs. While a family can make its annual giving donation at any time in the school year, we encourage parents to make their donation before December 31 to claim their donations as deductions. Donations can be pledged over several months or offered in a lump sum. Donations have ranged from a few dollars to thousands.  Each family feels into what the school means to them and their child(ren) and what their finances allow. We call this giving from the heart.

It absolutely matters that 100% of families make a donation. Being able to say that we have 100% of our families contributing shows foundations or grant organizations that we are offering something an entire community feels is beneficial and thus something they also might want to support. No gift is too small. Every dollar makes a difference and advances us towards our goal. 

If you have any questions please contact our Director of Development, Trine Ostergaard she will be happy to answer any questions and help you find the best way for you to donate. You can email her here or reach her on this number (541) XXX XXXX

Fundraising Events

WinterFaire 11/23

The Siskiyou School’s Annual WinterFaire holiday event is held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving on our beautiful campus. It is a wholesome day of fun for the whole family. There are so many things to do including dipping your own beeswax candle, choosing a treat in the Crystal Cookie Room, picking a treasure from the Pocket Person, visiting the magical throne room of the Fairy Queen, and more! Many other enchantments, crafts, and activities, along with delicious food, more than 25 vendors, and a Waldorf store await YOUR family every year! Free admission.

Annual Auction 3/7

Our annual auction held in March brings together over 250 people for a great evening of fundraising. With over 300 auction items up for bid, a live band, professional auctioneer, and food and wine, our community celebrates and raises money at the same time. To make a donation, be a sponsor, or purchase a ticket to this important annual fundraiser, please email Lora (insert link).

Raffle (date??)

Every XX, as our last fundraising effort of the year, we hold a Raffle. Tickets are sold for $5 each by each family and the winning ticket is drawn at XX. Our Raffle prizes change each year, but always include great cash and prizes!


General Giving

Oregon Cultural Trust

Through a fantastic program in Oregon, your contribution can be leveraged significantly. If you are able to give at least $200 to our Annual Giving Campaign, it is worth considering this program that turns your $200 into a donation of at least $500 to the school and $500 to arts in Oregon. Please see the chart or visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website for more information. EXPLAIN MORE

Oregon Community Foundation (Endowment)

For those of you who are able to and desire to give a gift that ensures our healthy financial future, we have established an endowment fund through the Oregon Community Foundation.

Want to Donate?

Please contact our Director of Development, Trine Ostergaard to discuss. Or simply mail a check with your contribution to: The Siskiyou School, 631 Clay Street, Ashland, OR 97520.

For more information on the tax benefits of giving please look here.

Other Ways to Give

There are a number of ways that you can support our School without it costing anything. The programs outlined below will give a percentage of your online shopping directly to our school. It cost you nothing - but benefits us directly. Follow the links below and it should be easy to set up. We are happy to help you set it up. Just contact Trine, our Development Director and she will get you set up.

eSCRIP & iGive

Grocery Shopping: Market of Choice (Eugene, Corvallis, West Linn, Portland, Ashland) or Safeway (nationwide!) Go to www.escrip.com

Click on Sign Up – It’s Free! Search for The Siskiyou School.
Register the debit and credit cards you use to buy groceries or your Safeway club card.

Online Shopping: Install these programs or shop via the links on their websites and the contribution process is automated with participating online retailers.
Go to shopping.escrip.com and follow the instructions for installing AutoEARN™ for eScrip.
Go to www.igive.com, type in your cause: Siskiyou School, and shop.
Go to www.igive.com/button and follow the instructions for installing iGive.

Amazon Smile

Click here to set up Amazon Smile