The main lesson curriculum of each grade is very specific and universal in Waldorf schools—and very age-related. Waldorf schools around the world teach, for example, creation stories in 3rd grade and revolutions in 8th. Those subjects can of course be told at any time, but Waldorf teachers believe those subjects meet children particularly well in those grades because they resonate with what the children are experiencing at a “soul-level” at those ages. Nine-ten year-olds are having an experiencing of “landing” and trying to find their bearings on earth while 12-13-year- olds are wanting to challenge the status quo. The developmental curriculum is meant to affirm and strengthen children’s own sense of themselves and the rightfulness of their place in the world. The correspondence between the unfolding child and the curriculum was at the heart of Rudolf Steiner’s vision for Waldorf education when he introduced it in 1919.