Our Capital Campaign & New Building! 


Our 2019-2020 school year began with great excitement. Over the summer months, a beautiful new classroom building was erected. On Opening Day, it stood gleaming and ready for the 6thgrade class to enter. For the first time since the school’s founding in 2006, every Siskiyou School class has a full-sized classroom! 

This enormous undertaking grew out of years of planning and the successful launch of a capital campaign. Schools organize capital campaigns to build new buildings, fund major improvements, or buy additional property to enhance the educational experience of the students. 


In its 12-year history, the Siskiyou School has had three capital campaigns. Our school was born out of the first two. Combined, those two capital campaigns within a two-year period between 2006-2008, raised $1.2M.  That money allowed us to build six classrooms, landscape our campus, and launch! 

Ten years later, in the fall of 2018, the Board announced its intention to “close the circle” and undertake the construction of the final full-sized classroom, first envisaged years ago. The vision was to begin construction in May 2019 and have the building completed by September 2019. 

To make happen, the Board launched a third capital campaign in late fall 2018 with a goal of $300K. By spring 2019, over half, had been raised. To keep the project timeline on track, the Board reached out to parents to lend us the balance. In the spirit of generosity that has marked every big step in the development of the school, parents willingly stepped up to lend the school the rest of the funds on extremely favorable terms. 

We have set a goal of three years to pay back that $150K loan so graciously offered. If you wish to contribute to the building of the classroom please contact us here