At the Siskiyou School, as in other Waldorf schools, core curriculum subjects are taught in three to four-week blocks and presented by class teachers during a two-hour period called main lesson that starts each day. During main lesson, students write compositions and make illustrations of the topics introduced into large sketchbooks called main lesson books. At the end of each year, the collection of these precious books is often bound into one beautiful volume. By the end of 8th, students can look back at their main lesson books from all the years and see all they have learned and how far their writing and art work has come.

The block system ensures that Waldorf students always know exactly what they are studying at any given moment, because during those few weeks the subject is brought in a full-immersion way- with stories, art, related crafts, and theater as well. Ask any student and they will instantly say… We’re studying Physics or Norse Myths or Geology!