Thistledown Bridge

Friday’s Only  Ashland OR  Contact : Molly McKissick  ( 541) 621-8753

Friday’s Only

Ashland OR
Contact: Molly McKissick

(541) 621-8753

Thistledown Bridge is a Fridays only program for first grade bound kindergartners. It is designed to bring key elements of structured learning in a small group setting within the warmth and creativity of a Waldorf environment. Providing vital foundations for learning and social awareness through movement, form drawing, number sense, and language development, this program will help give children what they need to enter first grade confidently. The children will sort, build, draw, count, rhyme, cook, and play to their hearts’ delight.

Molly McKissick has taught in Ashland for twenty-five years. Her teaching background is eclectic and diverse with endorsements in both remedial reading and math. Her career began in San Francisco, at The San Francisco School, where she gained experience with Montessori education, the Bay Area Writers Project, and Hands on Math. Her Waldorf experience began in 1992 when she opened Thistledown Kindergarten in her Ashland home. She went on to become a founding teacher of the Siskiyou School and has taught all grades. Thistledown Bridge marks her happy return to a passion for early childhood education.