The Children’s Garden

Ashland, OR  Contact: : Claire Marie  541-944-9777

Ashland, OR
Contact:: Claire Marie

Located close to the Siskiyou Waldorf School in the south end of Ashland, the Children’s Garden welcomes 4 to 6 year olds to a magical and nurturing early childhood program.

Claire Marie, a kindergarten and pre-school teacher for over 35 years (most of them in a Waldorf setting), has transformed the ground floor of her home into a cozy haven for children, with hand-crafted wooden furnishings and natural playthings. For outside play, the 3/4 acre property has a large lawn, flower gardens, fruit trees, tree house, play house, and its own creek meandering through. Everything, inside and out, is designed specially for the children, to support their development and create a secure, home-like environment.

The program at the Children’s Garden is grounded in a Waldorf early childhood philosophy. The rhythm of the day includes integrative movement and song, imaginative play, purposeful work, organic snack, rest, artistic activities, story telling, puppet plays, and outside play in the garden.

The Children’s Garden also offers afternoon Sewing Circles (for ages 6-8 and 8-11).