Serg Paz, Maintenance


Serg has been an invaluable member of the Siskiyou School staff for over 10 years. A landscaper, handyman and do-it-all kind of person, Serg is responsible for keeping the grounds and buildings of the Siskiyou School in tip-top shape! Serg loves the school and puts his heart in every aspect of his campus work. An artist and graphic designer in his spare time, one of the aspects of his work on campus that he loves best is making the classrooms beautiful. Serg has devised his own version of the lazuring painting technique and creates a subtle mood in each room through his mix of color, with each room’s shading reflective of the age of the children. Summer is Serg’s busiest time at the school as the list of maintenance projects—from roof repair to tree pruning to power-washing—keeps him busy from June to September. Through the year, Serg runs his own landscaping business but can always be found at school on weekends, checking the list the Office has accumulated. Another of Serg’s passion is soccer, and he finds time to help out in PE classes when we need an expert soccer coach. Serg and his wife, Magda, have two boys, Lupin and Escher. They are currently in 8th and 6th.