Nina Gallwey, Ohana


Nina is one of the school’s founding class teachers and has served the school in many capacities over the last 15 years, including teaching Latin to 6th graders for many years! Her Nautilus Class, which she graduated in 2011, was one of the key bridge classes from the school’s pod years, and she and the parents of her class were prime movers in the creation of the new school. Even during her years as class teacher, Nina was the school’s recognized learning specialist. Her teaching career began in the late 80s as a special ed teacher. After she discovered Waldorf education in Hawaii in the 90s and took a class at Maui’s Haleakala school, she went on to do the Waldorf special ed training and many other sensory integration trainings as well. Before forming a class and helping found the school, Nina had a private practice in Ashland for nine years working with families and children with special needs. Supporting children with learning differences and creating bridges for them with their parents and teachers is her greatest teaching passion. Currently, Nina spends a good part of her day running our Ohana program, offering a multi-sensory approach to 2nd-5th graders who need support in language arts. She also conducts educational assessments for the school. Lastly, Nina is a well-known speaker and teacher of teachers. She mentors new teachers, holds workshops for parents of our school and other schools, oversees our parent enrichment, and serves as our liaison with area preschools and kindergartens. Nina’s son, Brendon, graduated from the Siskiyou School in 2009.