First Grade Teacher- Javier Alvarez


Javier Alvarez began his teaching career at the San Francisco Waldorf High School in 1999. Inspired by the quality of work, clarity of thoughts, and loving nature of those high school students, he found his calling as a Waldorf teacher. Javier completed his teacher training in 2005 and graduated his first class from Summerfield Waldorf School in 2007. Javier was born in Mexico City, grew up in the Philadelphia area, and graduated from the University of North Carolina. After a few years in Taos, New Mexico, he is thrilled to be living in Ashland and sharing his passion for Waldorf education with the Siskiyou School community. Javier enjoys exploring the outdoors in search of pristine swimming holes, breathtaking vistas, and fresh powder. Javier is blessed with two magical daughters, Luna, a Siskiyou School graduate and Senior at AHS, and Mercy, an 8th grader at the school.

Enrollment usually takes place in late Spring, but is ongoing if space is available. Snack and lunch is provided. Tuition for the year is $5000.

I am the mother of six children. I have a B.A. in Holistic Education and participate in Waldorf education workshops, and I have been teaching in my home for 15 years. It is my honor to serve children and their families.

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While working as a Waldorf Kindergarten Assistant Teacher, Sarah felt a deep fulfillment spending time with children as well as a profound connection to the beautiful and thoughtful Waldorf approach to schooling. Sarah then started teaching Yoga at the Siskiyou School during the 2016-2017 school year and came on the following year as a Class Assistant. Sarah holds her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as well as a BA from Colorado State University and is currently enrolled in the Waldorf Teacher Training Program at Antioch University. She also teaches Yoga and meditation classes in the local area. Sarah lives in Ashland with her partner Garrett and daughter, Rhea, a second grader at the school.