Mara Doane is a marketing and creative professional who develops high-level branding strategies and digital content for web, social, print, TV and radio. She was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado and holds a BS degree from Colorado State University. She has worked in communication arts for more than 30 years, most recently as Creative Director for AllCare Health, and has won 16 national awards for design, copywriting, and marketing. She also serves on the Rogue Gallery and Art Center board and volunteers at Magdalene Home in Medford (a group home for homeless teen moms and their children). 

Mara has been a Waldorf parent since 1996: Lyric, 1996–2003 (River Song Waldorf School in Fort Collins, Colorado, Waldorf School of the Rogue Valley, and three “pod” years), and Quinn, 2005–2013 (first class to complete grades 1–8 at the Siskiyou School). “The gifts of Waldorf education that I see reflected in my grown children are curiosity, creativity, courage, confidence, and community (alliteration unintended!).”

Since Quinn’s graduation in 2013, Mara has continued to be involved with the school, designing and publishing our annual report, attending festivals and assemblies, being a beekeeper mentor for an 8th grade project, and being an unofficial ambassador for Waldorf education in our community. On the board, Mara holds the legacy of the school. She participated in the morphosis of Waldorf education in the Rogue Valley from 2000–2006 that—with the commitment and vision of dedicated teachers and many, many parents and donors—evolved into the Siskiyou School.