Magda Paz, Class Two Teacher


Magda Paz, was born and raised in Ashland. She attended a Waldorf preschool and continued, kindergarten through 8th, at Light Valley Waldorf School, the Siskiyou School’s predecessor. Magda graduated from Lewis and Clark with a BS in Psychology. There, through an Education elective, she became interested in teaching. Magda observed that lessons in which the children were engaged and excited reminded her of her Waldorf experience. She was curious, what is it about the Waldorf approach that keeps the love of learning alive? Magda received her MS in Waldorf Education from Sunbridge University, NY. She returned to Ashland to raise her first child and in 2006 was invited to help in several music classes. She has been part of the school ever since teaching Art (Form Drawing and Painting), starting the A.C.O.R.N. program (Active Curiosity Observation and Reverence for Nature, a science curriculum for our 1st through 3rd graders) and helping as a music and class assistant. Her love of Waldorf curriculum and child development continues to serve the school as a class teacher. Magda currently teaches Second Grade. Her sons are in the 6th and 8th grade’s.