Born in Southern Africa, Lebeau spent his formative years in England where he attended Kingston University and graduated with a BA Honors in Business with Law.

Lebeau is married to Dr. Amelia Bueche, and has 2 children that attend the Siskiyou School, with a third in kindergarten. He sits on the board at the Siskiyou school and is a member of the Advisory Council for Groundwork Center for Resilient Communities – a Midwest based agency actively fighting climate change, and advocating for local food and transportation.

Lebeau and his family are drawn to the Waldorf community as it aligns so closely with their values. School should be a place of excitement, intrigue, questioning, instilling a life-long love of learning. The Siskiyou School is this and so much more to Lebeau and his family.

Lebeau loves playing and coaching team sports. He is active in his local CrossFit community and loves to spend time traveling and in nature. His passion and mission is to leave the world a better place for the next generation.

Lebeau became a financial advisor in 2005. After building a successful practice in Michigan Lebeau joined Jack and Jen Gibbs at Fortress-Financial in 2017.