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Jennifer Gibbs was born and raised in Western NY. She earned her CPA, financial advisor, and real estate broker licenses in New York and Chicago. For almost 25 years she and her husband Jack have owned and operated a wealth management and tax practice, and rental properties across the United States. In 2006 their oldest daughter was enrolled at the Chicago Waldorf School kindergarten. It was there that they fell in love with Waldorf education, and in 2007, while seeking a more holistic lifestyle for their family, they relocated to Ashland. Jennifer and Jack have 3 children, Ainsley (alum), Brianna (alum), Connor (7th) - all 3 entered first grade at the Siskiyou School. “We are involved parents with high expectations. Waldorf education is more important now than ever before. We feel deeply that we have raised our children in partnership with this school, Rudolph Steiner's teachings, and the teachers here. Our children can feel and appreciate the foundation they received here, and how dynamically it is serving them in their high school years. I am inspired to serve because every time we walk into this building we don't want to leave. We want to remain a part of this school, even after our kids have graduated, and we hope our children return over and over again, to reconnect to these roots, that have nourished them and our family for so many years.” Jennifer is currently the Siskiyou School Board Vice President.