Jennifer (ZhangWei) Carroll, Mandarin


Jennifer has been teaching Mandarin to Siskiyou School children for the last 13 years. It all began when Mr. McGlone, the class teacher of one of her sons, asked if she would teach some Mandarin to his class. Soon other teachers wanted the same for their students. Now Mandarin is firmly one of the two foreign languages studied by all Siskiyou school students. Jennifer was born and raised in northern China, close to Siberia. She received her B.A. in English from Shanghai Foreign Language University in 1992 and continued to reside there working as a translator until 1999. She met her husband, Robert, when he was studying in China. They have four children, all of whom attended the Siskiyou School for some of their elementary school years. Jennifer enjoys camping, cooking, films, and quiet moments in her garden.