Jamie Fahey-Blea, ACORN


Jamie Fahey-Blea is a mother, seed saver, herbalist, basket weaver and artist. Her mediums are inspired by the abundant resources of the natural world. After studying botany at Northern Arizona University, she was introduced to the practice of biodynamic farming, an organic cultivation method articulated by Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Over years of working on farms, ranches, and gardens, Jamie has developed a unique relationship with the land. Additionally, she has acquired a wealth of age-old wisdom through her study of ancient cultures and practices and her passion for myths, folk and fairytales, fiber arts, and herbology. Her delivery of our ACORN program to the children of 1st-4this enlivened and enriched by the breadth of her experience and knowledge. She brings this wealth of age-old wisdom, knowledge and practices to her delivery of our ACORN is a pre-science program designed to develop, strengthen, and inspire relationship between our 1st-4thgraders and the natural world. ACORN stands for Acquiring Conscious Observation and Rhythms with Nature.