Catherine Razi, Pedagogical Chair


After years of amazing adventures working in French-speaking Africa as a translator and consultant on various projects, Catherine knew she’d found the most wondrous and fulfilling mission of her life when she picked up her first Waldorf class at the age of 33. It was at the new Bay School in Blue Hill, Maine in 1983. Twenty-three years later, equipped now with lots of class teaching experience as well as experience “growing” a very successful avant-garde Waldorf school, Catherine was hired by the Board of the Siskiyou Initiative in the spring of 2006 to be the Siskiyou School’s first administrator. Years earlier, she had formed a connection with some of the pod teachers (Christine Crawley, Molly McKissick, Nina Gallwey, Debbie Murphy) when teaching alongside them as a one-year pod bridge-teacher in 2001-2002. She had been very excited to find kindred spirits on the West Coast, teachers whose ideas for how a Waldorf school could best meet children and be successfully structured were so aligned with practices her little school in Maine had adopted years earlier. Together, starting in the summer of 2006, they laid the foundations of the Siskiyou School. Since stepping down as Administrator in 2015, Catherine has continued to serve the school as needed, centered on supporting the teachers and ensuring standards. Catherine got her A.A. from the American College in Paris, her B.A. in International Affairs from GW University in Washington, DC and did a year of graduate work at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School. Catherine feels incredibly fortunate to be living in the same town as her daughters, Ghigs and Nadejda (Plum), and her three grandchildren—Kepler, Juniper, and Grace. She loves reading, politics, history, languages, classical music, travel, tea with lots of sugar, and commas in all the right places