Siskiyou School Library

In April 2016, we opened our school library. We envision a library bursting with the finest in children’s literature and resources. We have plenty of empty shelves waiting and eager helpers ready to place new books as they arrive.

There are many books we would like to have in our library. You may chose a book that you would like us to purchase in your honor or bring the book to the library yourself. We could also use a nice world globe and a computer. If you would simply like to contribute to our “library fund”,  we would welcome any amount at any time–simply send a check to our office with the note, “Library Fund”.

Whether you are interested in contributing to the library or not, these are wonderful reading lists, as well!

Recommended Reading Lists created by The San Francisco Waldorf School:

1st & 2nd Grade Book List

3rd Grade Book List

4th Grade Book List

5th Grade Book List

6th Grade Book List

7th Grade Book List

8th Grade Book List